My Business

See, you
There again
Entering my domain
Pretending to be interested
Holding onto hope, or
Anything you can grasp, but
Nothing that you can keep.
I’m not your pet, or

Topple one on the other

Life has taken
On a different energy
Offering the life that I wanted before.
Knowing that time
Interferes and dreams
Never die
Girl, you have got to go.

Freedom is an
Open heart and mind on an open
Road. Smiling.

Acceptance is the space of
Never getting revenge. But
Stop acting like you know
What you definitely do not know.
Everything you think you are
Sitting in the dark.

Temporal exchange
Heading toward the future
Remembering the present
Oscillating toward the past.
Under the guise of my
Gratitude for the time
Having passed

Minding my business
Evading yours.


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