What You Could and Couldn’t Do

Couldn’t hold tight
To the couldn’t.
That slip of the tongue
When you said
“I could care less”

You revised. Admitted
Your misnomer
Then, deleted.
Because you could
Care less. You could
Care a lot less.

Maybe you wish
You could because you
Know you should. But
You don’t. Erasure of
The evidence is

This case belongs to us
Our little secret. A place
Where I know you couldn’t
And you could.

We chose our words
Selected them with the
Scrutiny we both wish
We didn’t have.

In your haste and
Naïveté you selected
Wrong. You could
You wish you couldn’t

Your language sold you out.
Your absence pulls you back
The thing you named
Has expired. Can you believe
In the thing that no longer believes
In you. You could or couldn’t
It wouldn’t make a difference.

Transference of the reference
Your language is confused.
Your slipping tongue has no
Place near me. How strange for
You. not dominating with the precise
Tongue slippage which has defined your promiscuous past.

I won’t be seduced.
Whether you could or
Couldn’t, we both know the truth.


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