Strange Bodies

Vying for the attention
Of strangers who don’t know
Her broken past.

A refreshed donning of self
With no memory or story
Complicating context.

The conquest is simple
Redefine, reshape, reify
All that was, has been lost.

Transparent images
Float above the settling dust
But time, darling

It will push you
And pull you
In the throes of a
Stranger attention

Reality is strange
But stranger still
Is accepting and
Opening for those
Who are here.

Extravagant lightness
In presenting her image
Beautiful self-portraits
Of self-importance

Strangers can’t know
The surface of your screen
Scrolling through images
Makes no mystique.

She is vying for attention
From strangers who don’t know
Her broken past has not left;
It is etched in her skin,
collecting like dust
Under her growing fingernails
Behind every whim
Deep set in her eyes, and her blood
Stained lips. Skin never
reveals the Truth in
Our bones. Still, standing,
Holding together
A salvaged past with broken images
Recreated for strangers to keep.


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