Love’s Novelty

She was more
than the one
That got away.
Just couldn’t stay put.
She turned corners
Like novel pages
I kept my eyes on her
Every word
Believing that the end
Wasn’t permanent
The story would remain unchanged
The next time I picked her up

The fire in my fingertips
Was more than her
Bent spine could reconcile;
More than the iced coffee
stained heart could handle
Of whiskey,
Soaked kisses.

I could never
Decode her heart shape
Lock it away.

Changing the presence
of my history
I held her closed
Up promises that
Never came into being.

I regret not ever telling her
That she looked most beautiful
In the winter morning
As the sun danced her open.

Or, that I could see myself
loving her
With strength
And wisdom
And clarity.

Because love is:
silence Shattering laughter. Holding open Hearts for Queens.
Heavy blankets over
Naked bodies,
Cold hands
warm intention;
a bookmarked
Promise of return.


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