December 22, 2013

I love

Dark and complex
Light and refreshing
Flavors from
Sweet and malty
To bitter and floral
It’s the way it dances on my tongue
Warms me from my core
A new experience in each
Unwavering bottle
The way it opens me
Up to myself
The social
The creative 
The unabridged version
Of me
And I swear
I will never touch it again
In exchange
To have you
In all your complexities
Your darkness and your light
Your sweet and refreshing
Dance with my core
Open me to new experience
The unabridged version of me
You are all I have ever needed
My escape and reality 
Skillfully wrapped into one
Small package 
open up, my love
Be the reason
My dinners out last longer
My nights are wilder
My days are slower
My laughter is louder
Come back to me
And be my drink

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