She rides 

 and I watch 

 as they roll up 


 a melody only 

 Nature herself 

 could create 

 the percussive 




why water 


always asked 

me to stay 

 Spraying the mist 

 gently covering


the tide is

pulling me 

 to see 

this moment


the earth meets 

the sky and sea and 

the winds fueling 

the fire in between 

where she rides 

 and I watch 

 the waves


To sit with myself
And be at peace
Has never been
My easiest reality
You ask me to think
But all I ever do
Is think, and dream
And hope to love you. 
Is it chaos that 
I’m looking for
Peace beyond 
That death brings
Complicated life
Life is reality
The heaving 
Movement from here
To there and then
To now. Temporal
Meets spatial 
In the everlasting soul. 
To create and to be. 
Introspection is 
The rattle in my
Heart and the chime
In my soul. 



 Tell me. 


 After all 

 This time 

 You got me 


 All day 



 Fitting dreams

 Like jagged 

 Jigsaw puzzled 


 A life, 

 A wife, 

 And kids 

 Two passionate 

 Lovers never 

 Meant to meet 

 Too passionate 

Lovers, an intent 


 All day. 


 You got me 

 This time 

 After all 


 Tell me. 



Torn like the pages

From a banned book

Used for fueling a fire


Knowing aversion.

Inversion of curiosity

Between the covers

That I never pulled open

Or gently folded closed.

The words are too harsh

For the audience. The spectators

Judging the story

Not knowing what it

Might reveal. In time,

This will evolve.

Torn between

Knowing and

Not knowing

What this could be.

Dedicated weekly readings

Will crack open once every year.

But once will never be enough

To rectify the damage

Already done.


I met sadness

Today, not

Surprised to find

Her dressed in all


She told me

Things about

Myself. She thinks

I am lovely; nothing

Vulnerable about me.

She said she

Could be so lucky

To enrapture someone

Like me. I wonder

If she remembers

All the times we cried together in the dark.

Or, running and hiding, praying to a God

We didn’t believe

Tomorrow would be better

It seems, she

Hardly recognized

Me at all.

Departing, we did not


Her old familiarity

Intimately re-

Covering me.