I love you between 

Night and morning
Then and later
In all the cracks
Because my love
Fills gaps
After questions
And before answers
It lingers wanting
Between where he hurt
You and she 
Never came back
Under the understanding
In every lie 
You have ever 
Told or been told
It’s the silent parting
Of your lips when
You’re ready to
It slips between
Your fingers 
And your toes. Or
The color and
 white of your eyes. 
Its everywhere
And nowhere
Between the light
And the dark. 
It is out of all the
Varied places that
You have called safe. 
In the splitting
Instant when your
Breath changes direction
It’s not in or out
It’s everything
You’re holding
Before you let it go. 
I love you
Like a leaping
From one cliff 
to another
Building a slow
Bridge we call home. 
And happily

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