Some Kind of Way

I want to know you. 

I want to know 
what it feels like 
to be so close, 
I can feel you fill up. 
With your breath 
soft and wet 
on my neck as I 
push further into 
knowing you. 
I want to open 
all the flood gates 
and look into the 
green in your eyes. 
I want set the 
forest on fire. 

I want to hold you. 
As my lips open 
and close around 
your whispering 
all the answers you have 
ever needed to know. 
I want to scratch the weight 
off your back bone
And trail my fingers over
The ribbed cage of
Your heart.  
Bite the remorse 
from your thighs. 
I want my fingers laced 
in your hair as your head 
falls back and you scream 
the sheets off. 
I want to open 
all your closed off spaces 
as my tongue traces 
your collar bone and 
my words finally find 
their way home.
I want the small 
in my elbow crease 
cradling the space 
between us. 
I want slow and hard 
melodies coming together. 
Sweat. Screams. Tears. 
And dust settling like glitter. At the base of my neck. When you explode, and find your way home. 
I want to speak
Your name with
Slow intention
As it moves from
Front to back
And forward 
Again. Three
Syllables warm 
On my lips and
Sweet on my tongue
As I catch my name
At the tip of yours. 
Melting. Slowly. 
Like candle wax
Pooling under a flame
That’s been burning for 
Too long 
Because it’s heat
Cracks glass
And burns through homes
I want to know you. 

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