July 2014

I wish there were words to give you so you could understand how much I love you. 

I’m learning that There aren’t words for everything. 
So, that day you told me my words meant nothing to you has become evidence of how wrong I have been about love. 
I love you the same way I live. 
With intent. 
With nurturing. 
With perseverance. 
With motivation. 
With action and no action  
And because I have no other choice. 
You are the reason home is home.  not a place to go, but a place to be.
Presence is more valuable than presents. 
Although those are nice, too. 
And you, you love me in a way no fairy tale or romantic comedy could portray. 
Although our romance is often comical. 
You bring me love in all you do. 
The way you sleep comfortably close, but allowing the small space between us and my hand on your hip. 
Your love is your excitement for my accomplishments. 
Your love is quiet, but it is not unnoticed. 
You keep me safe and wild and free and contained. 
Love is balance. And you are the acrobat on my heart strings. 

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