Untitled (Tuesday October 27)

I’ve always wanted to liveBy the water. 

Its movements resonate with me
Someone asked me once what kind of water? 

I’ve been looking for that answer for all the years that have passed. 
I have arrived. Not at the place, but the answer:

A lake near a forest

That holds winding rivers flowing

Through tall trees. 
I need depth and height to find my middle ground. 

I need movement to counteract my stillness. 

Movement in all directions, not just a tide coming in, but rolling waters churning a song only I can hear. 
I need misty mornings and coffee steam.  
I need rain and sun and falling leaves. 

I need large windows that open up the day and space where the light enters. 
I need chilly nights and warm days. 

Big sweaters, blankets and barefoot walks. 
I need walls that open and hearts that hold.