Dear Yoga,

I’ve missed you

It’s your smell

How it enters my whole being when I lay my head down and breathe with slow intention

It’s the way you feel under my hands

Soft and firm, and ready beneath me
I’ve missed you

The time we’ve shared as you watch 

My body move through all the motions

And you encourage me to open my heart just a little more, but not so much it hurts. 
I’ve missed you. 

It’s the way you stay and go at all the right times. With me. 
I’ve missed you

The perfect space you hold for me

To lay down completely

Letting go 

And to support my whole being

Not just my body
I’ve missed you. 

I’m sorry I haven’t seen you

I’m sorry I stopped working hard for you because you always worked hard for me
I’m sorry.  

I’ve missed you. 

I’m ready to come home. 


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