Whenever I try to get out of the way 

I just get more in it. 

It’s always the same with me

Putting things in

Where people have pulled them out

There is no mystery in my mysticism
It is not lost on me

The irony that 

Today I threw that

Raw-stone sapphire ring

She gave me 

Into a quarry
Where they pulled 

the pink From

My open heart

admired all the green
Space abounding

Rhythmic sounding 

Cryptic knowing 

About hows and whys. 
This is how I release her. 

Bit by bit

Falling over my own 

Knowing of she, me, and we
This was never a tragedy

Eight years of adventure

Kisses and tears. 
This was learning how to walk. 
Tripping over my

Feelings for her

Getting stuck in

My own muck. 
Maybe this is what love looks like

I was never afraid to fall

It was the sudden stop at the end. 


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