Maybe it was me
The whole time 

Not knowing


Working for something

I didn’t really want
Maybe you were the challenge

You told me I was

Maybe I started the game

And you felt trapped
Maybe my happiness was

A lie. Maybe I wanted to hurt

And you never did anything 

Wrong. Maybe I imagined

All of the dismissal and emotional

Brick walls that went up higher

Every time I removed a brick. 
Maybe that light

Wasn’t the toxic fuming

Gas I thought it was

Maybe you were bringing me nurturing

I couldn’t receive

Maybe I am just crazy
To believe that I never deserved love

And support or that I provided it

When everybody already knows 

That I’m a little weird. That my face 

Reveals the darkness in my heart. 

That I’m in the middle of the drama

Stirring the shit pot cauldron just for my own witchy delight. 
Maybe this all blew up because I found my spark


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