Unnecessary apologies flood the drain pipes. Nobody wants to hear you regurgitate your practiced self pity performance piece. You cram your fingers down your own throat because you’ve run out of chests to poke, and people to blame. 
All I wanted was to be your friend. Extend my hand in an offering of peace. But my hand was so quickly twisted behind my back, as you sang your war cry from the top of your mounting love. 
The ship sank before we could build it. People in glass houses watched as we tried to cast our words, 

Killing two birds with one stone. 
The ocean is a dangerous place. Sublime. There are feelings that arise with no words in sight. The waves come and go, leaving their mark on the land. Rising tides are nature’s course, a contract to keep us at attention. 
The earth doesn’t apologize for her syncopation. She merely asks that we recognize the rhythm. All care that turns to fury when one force opposes another. 
Standing at the peak of the mountain with my feet safely planted in her earth, I can see for miles. 


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