We walked down E Bay Street

Charleston, SC 

Searching for our way back

Both of us knew we needed

To make a left turn soon. 
I said at Vendue

She said at Queen
We argued for three blocks

Until we reached the 

corner of fate and destiny
At the crossroads

We were looking for the same thing

Calling it a different name
To the right-Vendue

To the left-Queen
We were both correct

We were both wrong
Viewing it from

Different sides

Of the street
She wouldn’t admit it

Only that she was more right

As we both turned left
We both knew 

where we were going

We just could not reconcile

A way to get there together. 
I took her hand as we turned 

left down queen st. 

Vendue behind me
We made our way home

But I no longer lived there. 


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