Blank Space

The space between

Where she was 

And you will be
This is the space where I am

In all my glorified

Discovery of that

Which makes me 

The me I’m meant to be
The one among the many

Not looking anywhere without

Only exploring within
In the walls of my heart

Not hers

The covers of my books

Not sheets

The crumbling of the illusion of both

Not either/ or
Where puppy kisses and cuddles

Are all the love and affection I need

Where meals are prepared 

And enjoyed

With bountiful gratitude and love

Not obligation or duty 

Until I’m ready to allow

Space and time to stretch

Into your heart

Through my hand

My body

My lips

My soul 

This is the Single space 

Of reckoning

What used to be

And what could be

In order to appreciate

Fully what already is. 


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