Notes from September 7, 2015

I met with a psychic. She asked me if I was there to discuss a relationship. 

“No. Not really. My relationship is good. But I suppose relationship advice can’t ever hurt.”

She told me that I cannot fix her.

“This is chemical.” She emphasized over and over again. “Have her get her hormones checked.” 

“These are the going off the wagon cards.”

“There will be a betrayal. It will not be you. It will definitely be her. It will cause you a lot of pain and emotional turmoil, but you will let go.”

“There is a chance that if she gets the help she needs the sun can really shine with her again. And you two could live a pretty happy life together.”

 Still, she said I’m here to heal people, to show them my light. She warned me not to allow the shadows of others inhibit my glow. 

“But you. Oh you. You’re a healer.”

“No. You can’t heal her. This is chemical.”

She said we’d been lovers in many past lives and that it was no good. 

She reminded me that I always choose the emotionally unavailable. 

“You’re an empath.”

And that I am a temple. lol 

“You have made a habit of lettting the wing ones in. Protect your body. This is important.”

She told me I had the goddess number. 33

She counted two blockages in my third eye. 

She said my 33rd year would be my best. For my career. 

“The texts need you. You’re the interpreter.”

She said, of course I would get my PhD-that was never the real question. 

I guess she’s probably right. 


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